Kaiser Permanente Smile dental care plans

Smile — for all that is you

As the region’s leading health system, Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing convenient, affordable, and quality care to our members and the communities we serve. We know that dental health is key to overall health, so we’ve teamed with LIBERTY Dental Plan to offer Kaiser Permanente Smile — a suite of dental plans designed to improve oral health and enhance whole-body wellness.

Kaiser Permanente Smile covers a comprehensive range of preventive, diagnostic, and restorative services — with no waiting periods — offered across a broad network that includes a robust selection of providers.

Smile offers flexible dental options for everyone, at any budget, with multiple options for in-network services and out-of-network benefits, as well as different levels of copays, coinsurances, and annual maximums.

With Smile, you’ll enjoy several benefits that Kaiser Permanente members have come to expect:

  • Members can select any provider, including specialists, in the Smile network by using the online provider directory. Dental providers can be changed at any time, for any reason.
  • LIBERTY dentists function as an integrated system — they can access online digital oral health records and help guide members for necessary dental exams, X-rays, follow-up appointments and more.
  • Members have online and app access to locate providers, make appointments, and review dental benefits.
  • Teledentistry is available for urgent concerns.
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Improve your oral health with optional dental benefits from Kaiser Permanente Smile.

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Virtual care for dental emergencies

The Kaiser Permanente Smile portfolio offers Kaiser Permanente members access to an innovative self-service teledentistry program, which allows them to get prompt care for dental emergencies. You can easily schedule a virtual visit with a licensed dentist from the LIBERTY Dental Plan to get the care you need — whether it’s pain or discomfort, swelling, or bleeding — when your primary dentist is unavailable.

This service is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


If you need emergency care after hours, you can contact a contracted national provider outside of the LIBERTY Dental Plan at 888-798-9848. An agent will ask about your symptoms, and if they’re considered a dental emergency, you’ll be transferred for a virtual appointment with a dentist. The dentist will evaluate your condition and provide you with your next care steps, which may include in-person visits to your provider or another provider within the LIBERTY network. After your virtual visit, your care summary and needs will be electronically delivered to LIBERTY, whose Customer Care Unit will follow up with you within 48 hours to ensure your dental needs have been met. If your symptoms are not considered to be a dental emergency, your inquiry will be sent to LIBERTY and the Customer Care Unit will follow up on the next business day to assist you.


If you’re unable to see your primary dentist during a dental emergency, you may have a cost to use the teledentistry service based on your plan. For more information, please contact the LIBERTY Dental Plan Member Services number on the back of your dental ID card to check your benefits.

To schedule a no-cost teledentistry visit, call 888-798-9848 or go to the top of the LIBERTY Dental Care homepage and scan the QR code to book.

Preventive dental care for diabetic patients

Kaiser Permanente understands the special needs of our diabetic members and the connection between oral health and diabetes outcomes. That’s why we encourage preventive dental care, which can reduce health care costs for hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and medications for adults with chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

Kaiser Permanente Smile offers a Diabetes Program as an additional benefit to improve oral health of all enrolled Kaiser Permanente members.

Learn more about or enroll in our Diabetes Program.